Friday, August 28, 2009

Fried Rice

This is something I make often becoz it tastes yummy. Although it requires a long list of ingredients its worth the effort.

Ingredients :-

1 Tbsp + 1Tbsp cooking oil for frying egg & the veggies

Par Boiled Rice 2 cups

3 Eggs
1/4 cup Green Capsicum diced into small bits
1/4 cup Red/Yellow Bell pepper diced into small bits
1/2 cup carrots diced into small bits

1 bunch Spring onions chopped

1/2 cup shredded Cabbage

4 Jumbo Chicken Franks diced into bit size pieces

2 Slices of ham chopped (optional)

1 tbsp or as per taste Soya Sauce

Chings Red Chillie Sauce 2 tbsp or as per taste
Chings Stir Fry sasuce

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp or as per taste Tomato Ketchup
1 tsp Tabasco Sauce


In a 10-12 inch frying pan heat oil.Then in a small bowl whisk the 3 eggs , add some salt & pepper as per taste & pour it into the pan.Let the egg cook ,then flip it over & cook on the other side.Toss it in a plate & let it cool, then dice it into small pieces & set aside to use later.In the same pan toss the Chicken franks or ham for 1-2mins & keep aside. In a large wok or deep pan, heat some cooking oil to which add the Spring onions, then add the carrots & gradually keep adding all of the other vegetables.Give all the veggies a quick stir on med-high heat & then add the Chicken Franks & Ham to the mixture. Don't over cook the vegges, let them be crisp.Now add the sauces starting with Worcestershire sauce, then add the Stir Fry sauce, next add the Chillie sauce followed by the Tomato Ketchup & lastly add the Tabasco sauce. Now Gradually add the cooked rice. Mix well and top with dices of Fried egg.


  1. The fried rice looks delicious! Came here through Dhanya :) You've got a nice blog. Will return for sure!