Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chowmein Noodles

Hi All,

I know its been really long since I last updated my blog. Have been busy being a Soccer mom to my now 6 year old. Almost forgot I had ever created this blog :-)
This year we've had a lot of rain in California. I'm not complaining coz we've had a drought past few years & we needed all that rain. Grateful to God that he answered our prayers and sent us all the rain we needed to end the drought.
So this morning when I got to know we were expecting a storm heading to the Bay, I thought why not make something hearty
to beat the dull gloomy weather. Checked my pantry and zeroed in on noodles as I had everything possible needed to prepare it.

Here's the recipe for my Chowmein Noodles


1/2 large Onion Finely sliced ( I used a red onion)
1 tsp Garlic minced
1/2 cup carrots cut into juliennes
1/2 cup finely chopped green beans (chopped diagonally)
1 red bell pepper cut into juliennes
1 green/yellow bell pepper cut into juliennes
Red chili sauce as per taste 
Green chilly sauce as per taste 
Red wine vinegar as per taste 
Ketchup as per taste 
Soya sauce as per taste 
Oyster Sauce as per taste 
1 packet of noodles ( I used Pancit Canton you cud use any egg Hakka noodles)
1 bunch scallions finely chopped
3 eggs
Dash of Milk for the eggs.
Shredded rotisserie /Roast chicken
Hot links- beef or chicken, cut into medium size pieces.

In a big pot heat water till it comes to a rolling boil. Season it with some salt. Then add the noodles and let it boil till 3/4th done. Now add some oil to the water to prevent noodles from sticking to each other. Drain in a bowl and add some cold water to it to stop the cooking process.

In a bowl break n beat the eggs, now add a dash of milk( milk helps make the eggs fluffy), with some salt & pepper. Heat a large frying pan with oil & fry the egg. Flip & cook on the other side. Then glide into a plate or board & cut into strips.

In the same pan heat some more oil if required and lightly fry the chopped Hot links. Once done set them aside to use later.

Now in a wok heat some oil . Now stir fry all the veggies in the hot oil on high flame , starting with the sliced onions along with the bulbs of the scallions ( Save the green part of the scallions, we will use them towards the end). Once they get a little soft add the garlic, followed by the carrots & the green beans. Drizzle some vinegar. Now drain the cold water from the noodles and add it followed by all the sauces one at a time, first the red, then the green, soya sauce, Oyster sauce & lastly the ketchup. Now add your meats , the shredded chicken and the fried links. Once everything is incorporated add the Red & yellow bell peppers. I like some crunch to the noodles so like to add the bell peppers at last so they don’t get soggy. They just cook in the steam of the noodles. Then add the egg strips followed by the tops of the scallions. Serve hot & enjoy!


  1. Nice recipe and will defenitly try it

    1. Thanks Ronald. Do share ur pics & let me know how it turned out.